A quick post to share an experiment, again, I did a few months again. This is a very “basic” test in which pull on a PMMA “dogbone” until it breaks. The specimen is being pulled at a constant loading speed of 2000N every minute. The stress strain plot is also presented here. An interesting fact to notice here is that the DIC method was able to capture the different in elastic and plastic deformation at the very end of the test (the very last point of the plot).


If you would like to learn more about the DIC method, please check one of my previous posts about it, like this one.

This test’s were of interest to some fellow researchers but I had no plan publishing them or anything, I was still interested in sharing these results and getting some “credit” for it (“credit”, in research, is usually understood as citations). This is, I believe, a pretty big issue for experimental researchers as only publications seem to matter in research, the Open Data for Experimental Mechanics project is actually focused on this issue. A solution for experimental researchers is to upload their dataset on the Zenodo platform. A DOI is then attributed to the dataset and the experimental results can be cited by other researchers, even if there is no paper attached to the experimental results.

Zenodo DOI

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